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June 6th, 2015
04:17 pm


LG WM3677HW Adventures with Door Error
So I love my washing machine. I put in dirty laundry and clean, dry laundry comes out. I love it. But I was getting door lock error and 'click click' and it wasn't working. I was sad.

But I fixed it!Collapse )

So I bent the plate back, and reassembled the lock unit, and now my washer works again. Yay!

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March 4th, 2014
03:32 am


Cheap t-shirts are obviously cheap
It can't be just me who's noticed that the cheap t-shirt trend has lead to shirt sized being way oversold, right?

When a women's XL t-shirt is smaller than a guy's small, and a guy's large isn't big enough to fit me... When I've always worn medium, with ya know, bosom intact.

Who are they selling to? I'm broad shouldered, yes, so I usually wear an XL. But I'm not fat or have a large bosom, so I don't know who the heck they're selling to.


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January 5th, 2014
07:06 pm


When Christmas Presents Don't Work Out
So my mom got me a Wii and Zelda: Windwaker for Christmas.

Thus far, I'm finding this to be the worst Zelda game ever. The clues are blunt, they don't really lead you anywhere - they're either completely direct or completely unrelated.

Basically, the game leads you to boss fights which are run and gun FPS/platformer fights. None of the rest of the game is this way... And all the bosses are puzzle bosses without any clues left on how to defeat them. To the point that if you try a tool at the wrong point, the interface gives the same no clue that it would if you were doing the wrong thing.

For instance, the first boss you can't hurt until you've hit him in the head with the ceiling of the room. But if you try to use the tool at the wrong point, the ceiling isn't interactable, and you're left with no clue that you can do anything with it.

In fact, much of the game consists of it showing you can't do something - and then making you do that very thing to solve a puzzle before you've had any chance to learn about these interactions. (Sometimes you can climb to the top of a grapple point, sometimes you can't. Arbitrarily. Without any indication of which is which.)

And you know what? The feature I'm finding the least annoying is the travel times.

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November 6th, 2013
02:32 am


Emergency Alert System...
Okay, it's awesome that you can do this. But really, the system is not good. I know two minutes every half hour isn't much. But it's also two minutes where they're flashing every county within a hundred miles. And not telling what the alert is. And I'm not sure what flashing a cable TV does to help find a car at 2am, anyhow.

But Comcast's stupid interface keeps leaving me on the wrong channel. So I then have to go through the menus to where I left off... that's eleven two-second clicks. It's already bad enough they flash the same ad over and over - which isn't bad if it's food or something, but back to back one or two minute ads for some scam product is really pushing it.


People use these services? Really?

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October 31st, 2013
02:25 pm


Livejournal's new update made the system unusable
Since the edit friends' colors page no longer exists, it has decided to show my page with my friends in the same colors as the background.

Resetting this turns the page into something else unreadable.

Everything else costs money.

UPDATE: I have at least gotten it to a mode where the users aren't writing in the background colors. However, it's still pretty ugly.

UPDATE 2: They've returned the colors to the simple old-style which is synced with the new system. So it's basically the same. It's a better step, although I don't know how to edit the colors now...

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October 22nd, 2013
03:55 pm


Traffic court
What happened to the kind Magistrate that had any sympathy?

I went to court today. The officer actually showed up this time! And it all went wrong from there. First, he reported following me at speed - but couldn't say without contradicting himself - how far behind me he was. He actually did not recall any of the road hazards he had to go around to get to me. And then, the magistrate decided to go for the full fine - and then lied about what the officer said.

Nothing like being treated as a criminal by someone in authority to completely wash away any respect you have for authority.

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August 4th, 2013
01:49 pm


Film and Fruitvale Station
I saw Fruitvale Station on Friday night.

I love going to see films; I don't watch as many documentary or dramas as I'd like - heck, I don't watch as many total as I like, so I mostly watch kid's movies, blockbusters, and maybe an action flick. But dv_girl relented, and we went to see Fruitvale Station on Friday night.

The movie is about social justice, and I didn't have any high pretensions about it, although I think the topic is very important - we don't train or watch over our protectors, the police and security, enough. But strangely, the movie wasn't about that. It was about how human, how normal and yet stressed the life of one man was. That his life was fraught with bad decisions, but bad decisions that we could all make. And I knew there'd be some parallels to my own life - although I've been mostly lucky.

My triggers are my own, but they might be yours, too.Collapse )

Fruitvale Station shows Oscar Grant's last day as a series of events, very movie like, collected from witnesses and records. It shows him as human, doing very human things. I hope more people can see it for what it is, to see him as what he was, just another one of us, trying to find a place in the world, trying to do what's right but not always reaching it. And ultimately, the system failing him and all of us.

The movie doesn't get bogged down in the details after his death; we've gotten something like justice since, even though it was along, hard road at all. And that we still haven't learned all the right lessons from this - notably BART's new policy of shunting trains and shutting off network service - that we need to shine a hard light on our protectors, give them the proper training and policies to prevent and independent oversight so they and we can be certain of a fair shake when they fail.

Because they will fail. Every year, dozens of innocent Americans are shot and killed by our police. And we don't even make an accounting. There is no list of them. There are no independent investigations.

We can do better.

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July 15th, 2013
03:12 pm


Planes over Fall Creek Unit
Note to self: Don't put off fixing sprinklers and moving debris away from house.

I think I know what my to-do is today.

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July 5th, 2013
09:25 pm


Fourth of July in California is weird.
California is weird; there are celebrations, but few of them. Towns generally avoid them because they draw crowds. None of the seaside towns do really anything at all for fear of being swamped. There is a display - apparently it was long this year - in Scotts Valley, about two hills over, so we could hear it but not see it.

Our entertainment for the evening was one of our volunteer fire trucks chose our street and the next up to run a training exercise for about an hour or so. They got the truck stuck on the one-lane street, unstuck it twice, then did a hose-exercise where they located one of our undersized fire hydrants and then pumped water up the hill in a big circle. Then they turned the truck around, folded up their equipment, and left.

We had our campfire going and nearly every neighbor wandered over to see why the big truck was there - no one wants to see a firetruck in the woods, after all.

It was one of our sit by the fire, have hotdogs and play with musical instruments nights. Very pleasant.

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May 29th, 2013
08:18 pm


Toll roads
I find something deeply unethical about the federally paved and maintained roads being operated as toll-grabbing operations by states and private companies.

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